1.) To promote economic and developmental activities for the benefit of socially and economically backward persons amongst minority and persons with disabilities in HP. 

2.)  To assist, subject to such income and/or economic criteria as may be prescribed by the Government from time to time, individuals or groups of individuals belonging to the Minorities and persons with disabilities by way of loans and advances for economically and financially viable schemes and projects; under micro-financing scheme, group of individuals belonging to the minorities will include such groups in which pre-dominantly (75% and above) members belongs to the Minority Communities and persons with disabilities in general.

3.) To promote self-employment and other ventures for the benefits of Minorities and persons with disabilities.

4.) To grant loans and advances at such rates of interest as may be determined from time to time in accordance with the guidelines or schemes prescribed by the Central Government and NMDFC & NHDFC Delhi.

5.) To extend loans and advances to the eligible members for pursuing/acquring professional/technical education and job oriented degrees in India & abroad as well.

6.) To assist the up-gradation of technical and entrepreneurial skills for proper and efficient management of production units.

7.) To help in promoting the Government policies and programmes for the development of Minorities and handicapped persons.


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