Name of Beneficiary  : Sh. Posh Deen
Address  : S/o Shri Aziz Deen.
Village Dobh, P.O. Dand, Tehsil Salooni,
Distt. Chamba.
Loan Amount  : Rs.3,55,000/-
Scheme Name  : Mahindra Pick Up Vehicle.

During an awareness camp organized by the Corporation at Chamba to acquaint the people of Minority Communities of the welfare schemes of NMDFC, Sh. Posh Deen came in contact of HPMFDC where he was inspired to start his own business. Shri Posh Deen was holding a valid Driving License as he was working as driver for some other person but he was not able to earn enough to support his family. Thus he was advanced a loan of Rs 3.55 lakhs on 11.6.2004 for purchase of a Mahendra Pick Up. He has been able to earn Rs 7500-8000/- p.m. and making regular payment of loan instalments to the Corporation. Such an effort of the Corporation has yielded good results and enabled him to become at par with other sections of the society by raising his living standard. Sh. Posh Deen is now very satisfied and very thankful to the staff of HPMFDC for their support.




Name of Beneficiary  : Shri Mustaq Deen
Address  : S/O Shri Khawaj Deen
Village Tikkar, P.O. Kharwar,Tehsil Bhoranj
Distt. Hamirpur
Loan Amount  : Rs.2,00,000/-
Scheme Name  : Steel Fabrication-cum-Roller Shutter Unit

Shri Mustaq Deen was having annual income Rs 21120/- only. He was working in same shop of steel fabrication and therefore had good experience of the work. In spite of having experience he was not able to make use of skill for the particular job. HPMFDC advanced a loan of Rs 2.00 lakhs on 20.1.2006 for setting up a Steel Fabrication-cum-Roller Shutter Unit by him. After the disbursement ofloan to him, he has now been able to earn his livelihood in a better way and raising his living standard to the larger extent. Beside, making regular payment towards the loan instaiments he is earning Rs 2000-3000/- p.m.



Name of Beneficiary  : Shri Sameer Khan
Address  : S/O Shri Yamin Ali
Mohalla Amarpur, Nahan,
Distt. Sirmour
Loan Amount  : Rs.50,000/-
Scheme Name  : Auto Repair Shop.

Shri Sameer Khan although possessing Auto Repair Diploma, yet due to paucity of funds he was not able to make use of the technical know-how. He had been working in an Auto Repair Workshop. He came to know about the schemes of NMDFC implemented by HPMFDC during an awareness camp at Paonta Sahib, Distt. Sirmour wherein he was guided to take financial help from the Corporation. Thereafter he was advanced a loan of Rs. 50,000/- for setting up an Auto Repair Shop. At that time his family income was only Rs. 21,000/-p.a. with which it was not possible for him to support his family in a better way. Since he was well versed about the technical know-how, as such he started earning Rs. 75-100/- per day. He has been able to start self employment venture and is fully satisfied and thankful to the Apex Corporation.



Name of Beneficiary  : Smt. Gurjeet Kaur
Address  : W/O Shri Ammjit Singh
Khasla Complex, Ganj Road,
Distt. Solan
Loan Amount  : Rs.1,20,000/-
Scheme Name  : Village utility store/General Store


Prior to disbursement of loan to Smt. Gurjeet Kaur, she use to sell item on a Mobile Shop (Rehri) with a small stock of manyari & cosmetics. She wanted to extend the work but without financial resources it was not possible. With the advancement of loan by HPMFDC, of Rs 1.20 lakhs, she has now been able to keep all essential items required for daily use in her shop, which was not possible earlier with the meager annual income of Rs 30,000/-. Being Distt. Headquarters at Solan there used to be heavy influx of neighboring villages which resulted in increasing her sale day after day. With the result of keeping all essential commodities in the shop she has now been able to earn Rs 200-250/- per day, which has proved instrumental in upgrading her living standard and she is quite happy.


Name of Beneficiary  : Kumari Rukhsana Begum
Address  : D/O Shri Zafar Ali
House No. 345, Ward NO.2, Mohalla Amarpur, Nahan,
District Sirmour
Loan Amount  : Rs.90,000/-
Scheme Name  : Ready made Garment shop

Prior to disbursement ofloan to Kumari Rukhsana Begam, she was a domestic lady and had no source of income to uplift her resource base. She was very poor and wanted to supplement the family income. Kumari Rukhsana Begum having annual income of Rs 30,000/- p.a. was advanced a loan of Rs 90,000/- for setting up a Readymade Garment shop. Since the shop is situated in the vicinity of Mohalla having thick population, hence she started earning money day & night. With the advancement of loan by the Corporation she has now been able to earn Rs 100-150/- per day as a result of which she has been able to raise up her living standard and able to render a helping hand to her family. She is very happy now.


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